When an organization is unable to support its employees in the field or deliver products and services to their customers as a result of a security or IT event, the effects can be devastating. Revenues are lost and the trust factor is destroyed. That trust is very difficult to completely rebuild. Solis Security has the right security technologies, services and highly trained and tenured employees to ensure your cybersecurity needs are met.


Abar consulting works with  a variety of organizations and industries, with a focus on small to medium sized businesses with strict compliance and regulatory needs.  Our solutions cover the full spectrum of your company’s needs – from the one’s that you hope to never use such as Business Resumption, Forensics, and Incident Response services to the proactive measures such as Compliance & Security Framework Adoption and Risk Assessments, Alerting and Monitoring, and Virtual CISO.  Key industries we serve include:

  • EDUCATION   Public, Private and Charter Schools, ISDs, Colleges and Universities
  • ENERGY   Oil and Gas, Utilities, Mining, Alternative Energy
  • FINANCE   Banks, Lenders, Brokers, Accounting
  • GOVERNMENT   State, Local, Federal, Contractors
  • HEALTHCARE   Hospitals and Clinics, Care Facilities, Pharmaceuticals,  Billing
  • HOSPITALITY   Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Hospitality Management
  • INSURANCE   Insurance, Legal, Construction
  • TECHNOLOGY   B2B and B2C Services and Products